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On Planning for Your Engagement Proposal

Keeping your marriage proposal planning a top secret can be quite tricky, especially if you don't want your partner to be too anxious and suspicious of your actions.
For a more smooth-sailing yet covert proposal preparations, refer to the following tips to get started on your planning.
The fewer number of people who know, the better your chances are in keeping the planning a secret.
While it's essential to involve the right people, they may accidentally hint away the event, ruining the perfect surprise you're planning.
Make sure to limit the flow of info to a few people you really trust.
First off, it's ideal to inform your partner's parents about your marriage intentions as much as possible.
Get their blessing on your upcoming big event, but remember not to divulge any specific details or exact date.
You can also enlist a few of your friends' help in planning the details, but be sure to be discreet on the planning stage.
Sticking to your old and normal behavior is also highly recommended.
Go with your routines and do your stuff without giving a hint that there's a big event you're planning.
This can be really difficult, especially if you're too anxious to perfect the details or too excited for the ongoing preparations.
Most women are sneaky and intuitive enough, so make sure not to add to their suspicions by having an odd behavior during the planning.
Getting started on the basic details can be a bit difficult so make it a point to have a checklist of what you need to accomplish.
Flowers, food, setting, and aiming for the perfect ambiance and timing are just some of the stuff you need to do.
As for the engagement ring, consider your partner's specific preferences and tastes on jewelry.
Be sure to know about her ring size right from the start, her specific fashion style, as well as ring settings and designs that she generally prefers.
Apart from the quality and cost of the ring itself, remember to check out the reputation of the shop you're dealing with.
Research for info and customer feedback on the products and services offered by numerous online and local jewelry shops in your area.
Be sure to browse through other available engagement presents like eternity rings and diamond earrings so you can get the best deal for your budget.
When choosing a location for the special event you're planning, it's highly recommended to stick to a place that's memorable to you as a couple.
The challenge here is to be able to practice your creativity in order to make the place -- and the moment -- more unforgettable.
Also consider if she will prefer public or private settings for your event.
Some may feel more confident and comfortable in a crowd, while there are women who still prefer a more intimate or semi-private gathering with close friends and loved ones in attendance.
Always remember to make your planning generally geared towards gaining the approval and appreciation of your partner so you can make the event truly special for her.

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