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DIY Skeleton Hands

    Simple Gloves

    • A pair of simple skeleton hand gloves can be made with black cotton gloves and some white paint. Wash the gloves and use a lint brush to remove any loose material, which will cheapen your look. Paint the bones onto the back of the gloves making sure to cleanly outline each finger bone and joint. Adding bones along the back of the hand and upper wrist will finish the design. You can also use glow-in-the-dark or black light paint for an additional spooky effect. It is important to allow the paint to thoroughly dry before wearing the gloves for any length of time, as the paint itself is likely to crack and bleed when wet.

    Plaster Knuckles

    • For a creepier look, you can use white plaster to make large skeleton knuckles to fit over your own hands. Cover your hands in baby powder or a water-based white paint prior to application. This both protects your hands and disguises them to enhance the effect. Carefully wrap the wet plaster around each knuckle on your hand and allow it to dry. Don't forget to go over the bones in the back of your wrist and middle of your hands. Next, use some white tape or rubber to connect each of the knuckles at the top. Cover the connectors with plaster as well, but keep it light so that it does not tear the material. This allows a more realistic and far more menacing approximation of skeletal hands.

    Latex Bones

    • The most advanced form of skeletal hands you can make yourself is using white or bleached liquid latex to create both knuckles and bones on each side of your hand. This can become expensive, but will give the effect of large, bony hands that will match an ultra-realistic costume. You can double the effect by painting over the latex with the glow-in-the-dark or black light paint so that you appear as a phosphorescent bag of bones to onlookers. This technique works equally well for skulls and feet in creating your skeleton costume.

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