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How to Make Twisted Rope Sheep Halters

    • 1). Cut the rope to the length you need with a very sharp knife or axe, to avoid unraveling. Wrap both ends of the rope with tape or string, or if using nylon rope, sear the ends with a flame.

    • 2). Lay the rope out on a flat surface. Make a bend (bight) in the rope near the right end, leaving about 12-14 inches at the end.

    • 3). Make a hole in the rope on the right side of the bend, by twisting and opening the strands. Pull the short end (the 12-14 inches) through this hole. Repeat two more times, keeping the holes close together and always running the shorter end through the holes.

    • 4). At the wrapped or seared shorter end, twist the rope so that it unravels slightly, revealing three loops. Align them so they are parallel and pull the long end of the rope through these loops. Run the long end of the rope through the original bight. The halter is now ready for use.

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