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Gold need not be bought only as gold bars or as jewelry.
Buying gold coins is a far better and simpler option as it costs as little as $40 and is easy to store; they can be hidden anywhere in the house or stored in a bank.
There are many different types of gold coins available all over the world like the American Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Australian and UK sovereigns, Canadian Maple Leafs, and the Chinese Pandas.
When starting your gold coin collection, the best gold coins to buy are the American Eagles or Gold Sovereigns as they are the most common gold coins.
Keep in mind that there is no fixed size or weight for a gold coin; they are measured depending on value and weight, which varies according to the size of the gold coin.
Of course, the unit of measurement for gold coins is the gram, but previously it was measured in troy ounces or a part of an ounce.
The purity of gold bars is measured as 999 parts per 1,000, which is the purest form of gold.
Most gold coins are usually 917 parts per 1,000, as some other metal is added to them to make them easier to mint.
When planning to buy a gold coin from the Internet or an offline shop, make sure all required information of the gold coin--like its name, make, and type--is displayed.
If buying online, you have the right to demand a picture of the gold coin, too.
The price for the gold coin will be the price quoted by the seller, with his margin and any applicable tax.
There is no coin that can be called the best gold coin to buy.
It is all a matter of personal taste; some people may prefer the American Eagles while others, Sovereigns.

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