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Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix Cheats


    • Enter the code "classic" into the cheats menu to unlock the powerful creature "Fourarms" on your Omnitrix. Fourarms is usually not available until after you have completed the game. Fourarms has the ability to climb walls, jump great distances and create shock waves simply by pounding the ground or slapping his hands together.


    • Enter the code "primus" to unlock Rath on your Omnitrix. Like Fourarms, Rath is not generally available until you complete the game. Rath can match Fourarms in terms of strength and jumping ability, but also has retractable claws that can be used on opponents.


    • Enter the code "upgrade" into the cheats menu to upgrade everything, including your Omnitrix, to maximum stats. With your stats at this level, you will be able to kill any of the game's basic enemies with ease, and you will have an easier time dealing with the game's bosses.


    • Enter the code "energy" in the cheats menu to automatically regenerate Omnitrix energy. This energy is used to switch between Ben's various alien forms. If your Omnitrix can automatically regenerate energy, you will not have a problem finding more when you need to switch to a specific alien form.


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