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How Best To Show Love To Your Spouse

Love your spouse-the Secret Of love in marriage. Love is blind and it wins all. Love is a wonderful gift from God, it makes one feel special and multiplies joy, it is kind, thoughtful and adds spice to life. You might be wondering how this works out, it is simply by falling deeply in love again with your spouse. The question is how? It might be lingering in your mind. I wonder where the first love goes after marriage. Have you ever flashed back how life used to be when you were newly married? With all the sweet words and wonderful treatment, love was at its climax. How you used to hold her like a baby, call her sweet names such as sweet heart, baby, honey and so on. Now the fire of love died out and the spark that used to ignite you is dead. True love remains forever green, it does not grow weary because it takes no effort, it doesn't grow old because it knows no conditions, it cares, bears and goes on and on. So, if you truly meant what you used to do, love your spouse.

Why can't you rekindle your love flame and love your spouse? Love ends when you stop caring and sharing. Allocate time for your spouse without interruptions of any activities. Take holiday outings together and get time to share views and opinions that would keep your moves better and improve your love life. To show love to your spouse, you may do extra-ordinary things that would re-ignite the love that you had towards your spouse. Spoil your spouse by surprising her with such gifts that you used to offer during courtship. You may also call him/her such names that you used during your early days in marriage. To ladies, where did you take the attention that you used to give your husband before you got kids? All the attention was driven off to your kids. It is a high time you draw back that attention to him and love your spouse.

Widen your vision, develop a healthy self image and find strength in adversity within your spouse. Refresh the good old memories that used to re-light and sets power in appreciation. Learn to appreciate every single thing that your spouse does to you even though small. Courtesy costs nothing but means a lot, learn to use such words as please, sorry and excuse when addressing your spouse. Learn to love your spouse under all conditions regardless of the hardships and the mountains and valleys you might be crossing together.

Take your spouse to such places that you used to go when in courtship such as cinemas and dancing halls. Do crazy things that you used to do while young in love such as kissing, dancing together, playing and so on. By doing this you will be strengthening the bond of love that
is between you and you will be showing your spouse how much you love him/her. Rekindle your love flame and love your spouse once more.

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