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How to Make Valentine Decorations With Candy

    • 1). String candy hearts together. Use thin thread and a small, sharp needle to pierce the candy hearts. Tie a knot between each heart. Thread Red Hots between each heart. Hang the string on a mantel, or across a doorway.

    • 2). Make a candy frame. Sand down a wooden frame to make it smooth, if necessary. Paint the frame pink or red. Glue candy to the frame. (Red and pink jellybeans work well.) Shellac the finished product.

    • 3). Create a candy centerpiece for your table. Alternate unwrapped chocolate hearts with chocolate hearts wrapped in bright colors on a three-tiered glass caddy. Add red and white ribbons around the edges of the glass. Sprinkle rose petals between the chocolates.

    • 4). Make a candy wreath. Pull wires through the plastic wrapping around hard candies. Wrap red and pink ribbons around an inexpensive wreath frame. Wrap the wires with candy around the wreath frame and hang it on a doorway or mantelpiece.

    • 5). Create a candy pillow. Glue Red Hots to an inexpensive cotton pillow. Consider spelling out a message with the candies. Glue red licorice sticks to the edges of the pillow.

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