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Selling Advertising Space on Your Website - Part 3

Types of Advert Without exception, all the "paid-for" adverts I have on my websites are text-based (I do use Google AdSense to load some image ads, but that is more for appearance than anything else - I don't expect many visitors to click on them).
Although all the ads are text-based, some advertisers prefer their ads to stand out from the main body text - in the hope that they will be clicked - and some (the majority, in fact) prefer their ads to be context-related so that they "fit" the surrounding text.
This can improve the relevance (in Google's eyes) of the link.
It is very unlikely that these links will ever be clicked, and I have even been told in the past by one or two advertisers that they really don't expect them to be clicked.
This seemed a bit strange to me at first, but makes sense now.
How Long Does It All Take? Developing web sites and them making money from them is a long, slow process, and you really have to take a long-term view.
In my experience, it is unlikely that you will make much money from a web site until the site is a couple of years old.
This is because web site promotion, which you will have to do a lot of, is generally fairly labour-intensive if you want to do it yourself.
If you have a budget to promote your own sites then that will speed up the whole process, but you could end up in a situation whereby you are spending more than you are making - and there's not much point in that! You need to keep plugging away at the promotion until you've got pages with a Google Page Rank of at least 3, preferably 4.
Then, hopefully, people will start contacting you - good luck!

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