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Class Reunion Planning Tools

    A Planning Committee

    • Get in touch with former classmates to get them on board as part of your planning committee. Aim for diversity, and encourage a wide variety of ideas for reunion activities. People who may make good reunion-planning participants include those who were in student government, anyone involved in activities like editing the yearbook or writing for the school paper, or those who were active in school sports. The planning committee should have a chairperson, treasurer and a secretary. These people will serve as the leaders of the committee and will maintain records, assist with handling the financial aspects of the reunion and have above-average organization skills.

      The planning committee will help select a date for the class reunion and a venue for the event if it won't be in at the school, and remain in contact with the school's Alumni Association throughout the planning.


    • You and the planning committee will need to have funds to pay for the initial costs of invitations, postage and deposits. Other expenses that will follow include registration fees, the cost of food, decorations and rental equipment. Unless there are alumni willing to donate the funds necessary to do all this, fundraising activities may need to be held and donations collected. If there are alumni that own a restaurant or rental company, see if they will donate their services for free or a deeply discounted cost in exchange for advertising opportunities.

    Classmate Locators

    • Begin looking for classmates with the information an Alumni Association can provide. After that, have each person on the planning committee get in touch with classmates they know to spread the word about the reunion and attain information about others in the class, creating a phone tree of sorts.

      Use social networking sites to your advantage, including the ones that offer assistance finding old classmates. Social networking sites will allow you to create a class group page that your classmates can join. On the group page, announce the details about the event and ask alumni to let other classmates know about the event as well.

      A good old-fashioned phonebook can also help you find old classmates to invite to the reunion. If you can't find a particular person, see if their parents are still in town and try contacting them. However, if using a phonebook to find alumni, keep in mind that female classmates may not be listed under their maiden name.

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