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Caution: Making Candy Apples Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

Few things say Christmas quite like candy apples with coconut flour, but if it's your first attempt at making them a word of caution is in order.
This weekend I made candy apples for the first time and I have the burned thumb to prove it! I'm always super excited when trying out new recipes.
I realize that on my first attempt results can be a bit questionable, but I've learnt not to let that deter me.
This time I decided to try to make candy apples.
Christmas is around the corner and candy apples are just perfect for that occasion.
One of thrills of trying a new recipe is that you don't quite know what the most challenging aspect will be.
This time, as so often before, the greatest challenge tied into my own lack of forethought.
If I had spent a couple of minutes considering the challenges ahead I would have realized that I was dealing with a project including a very hot substance that clings to the skin.
As I told you I have the burned thumb to prove it.
Don't worry it's nothing serious, but I do recommend having cold water handy if you try making your own candy apples.
Another related challenge is ensuring the sugar syrup that you will use to coat the apples doesn't get burned.
If you're not extremely careful during the latter stages of the process this will happen.
I have to admit it happened to me.
And it didn't improve the final result.
This is a recipe where you're dealing with a substance that is not only extremely hot, it also clings to anything.
It needs to cling to stick to the apples, and to make it that way it has to be hot.
I'm not going to go on for ages about kitchen security, but this is certainly one recipe where I recommend you don't let kids take part.
It's simply too dangerous! I've touched on the possible solutions, but let me stress the importance of keeping cold water close buy.
Also it's a good idea to protect yourself in any way you can.
If you have heat resistant oven mitts using them during preparation is certainly a good idea.
I also recommend using an apron to protect your upper body and your clothes.
Most importantly, keep kids out of the kitchen for this one! They will just have to make due with enjoying the final result, most kids won't mind.
Here's the recipe itself.
  • 8-10 Red Apples.
  • 8-10 Chopsticks.
  • 20 Ounces of Sugar.
  • 1/4 Cup of Glucose or Glucose Syrup.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • 2-3 cups of Coconut Flour
  • Red fruit color.
Wash and dry the apples and put them on the chopsticks.
Cook the sugar, glucose and water in a pot until it becomes a sticky syrup.
You know it's good when a few drops solidifies when put in cold water.
Add a few drops of fruit color, in this instance red.
Turn the apples in the syrup.
If you like coconut flour turn the coated apples in the coconut flour.
Let them cool off for a few minutes and enjoy your delicious home made candy apples.
It's highly unlikely that you will run across anyone who doesn't like candy apples.
It's wonderful treat for kids as well as adults and it's a great treat for Christmas.
I learned some lessons on my first attempt.
The outcome was far from perfect and I got burned.
Don't let that deter you.
Follow the simple guidelines I stated above, both in regards to the recipe as well as the precautions you need to make.
If you do that your result will almost certainly be better than mine.
If not, just try again and take heed of the lessons learned during your first attempt.
That's how I do all my cooking.
I'm not saying these treats are super healthy as they will be loaded with a lot of carbs, but at least you know exactly what's in these candy apples.
I would much prefer serving this as a treat to my kids than regular chemical induced candy from the grocery store.
As I learned it is best to take some precautions before you get started.
The great thing about this recipe is that it really does't take that long.
In less than 30 minutes you can serve the most delicious treats you can imagine.
I've talked a lot about making candy apples for Christmas, but if you substitute the red apples with green apples and the red fruit color with orange fruit color it would work well for Halloween as well.
Combining different fruit colors, apples and substituting the coconut flour with other fun stuff gives you a ton of options.
There is plenty of room for creativity.

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