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Watch Angel Online If You Are a Lover of Fantasy

Fantasy is the order of the day when it comes to television. A number of fantasy, drama and action shows are being aired on television. One of the most popular fantasy television shows was €Buffy the Vampire Slayer€ (1997). Its popularity was so tremendous that creator Joss Whedon, also acclaimed for The Avengers (2012) and Toy Story (1995), decided to create a spin-off. This exotic offspring was called €Angel€ and aired on WB on 5th October, 1999. Irrespective of whether you are a Buffy fan or not, if fantasy is your thing, this is a must-watch. Viewers are truly lucky as now they can watch Angel online.

The series revolves around the life of a vampire, Angelus. His soul was returned to him by gypsies as a penalty for murdering one of their kin. Now known as Angel, he is exiled for life. Having spent a century murdering and brutalizing innocents, Angel's newfound soul bleeds with remorse. On a remarkable new quest for salvation, he moves to Los Angeles and begins working as a private detective to help those in need, and alleviate the pains of those who have deviated from their path. A number of challenges arise, including demons and even allied humans. You can now catch his adventures anytime, any place on the net.

In a city terrorized by warlocks, fiends and demons, Angelus is the only hope for redemption. The Powers To Be, a mystic force, passes a prophecy to him, according to which he is destined to be the savior of mankind. To succeed in his quest, Angel teams up with some old friends and makes new acquaintances along the way. Together, they obliterate the forces of evil prevailing over the metropolis. Angel Investigations, his new firm, brings together the most unlikely yet the most effective team including Allen Doyle, a hustler with a heroic side, Cordelia Chase, a crazy, spunky struggling actress, and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Doyle is half-demon, and receives cryptic visions from the Powers to Be. Before dying, however, Doyle passes on the visions to Cordelia, sealed with a kiss. Wesley, a so-called demon hunter, adds comic relief initially but soon develops into an intriguing character.

The exploits of this dream-team can be caught easily now as you can watch Angel online. The malicious law firm of Wolfram and Hart now concentrate all their resources in foiling Angel's ambitions. We soon see that even a creature of the night has skeletons in his closet, as demons of Angel's past are resurrected. In the Buffy series, Angel had slayed Darla, his sire, and ex-lover. This new series marks her return as a bait to lure him towards darkness, a master plan courtesy Wolfram and Hart.

The format of the show is quite similar to that of Buffy where each episode is an independent feature, with a self-contained plot, making up an intricate storyline. The creators have been able to successfully amalgamate the genres of fantasy, drama, horror and comedy into a gem of a show. A sure-shot thriller, Angel will keep you hooked to the screen. You can now catch this amazing show on the net and watch Angel online as per your schedule.

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