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Recycled Promotional Products For Special Events

The recycled gifts are made from the used plastic, rubber or paper products or from the industry wastes produced at different stages of manufacturing. Nowadays, these articles are greatly used in brand promotion activities of different businesses. They are also used in other corporate events and occasions such as employee motivational programmes, birthday celebrations or holiday package..

The most popular recycled promotional products are pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, memo blocks, rulers, mouse mats, mugs and coasters. All of these are available at the website The wonderful collection of promotional gifts at Ideasbynet also includes the conventional gifts such as the travel accessories, clothing, desktop items, promotional umbrellas, caps and many more. Among the recycled promotional gifts, the articles such as pens, pencils, sticky notes or memo blocks, are used during seminars, conferences and other such occasions. During such events, the company distributes the promotional gifts in the form of utility articles. The notepads and sticky notes are effective form of promotional gifts. They carry the brand name in all the leaflets. Such items spread the brand name to multitudes of the customers in a brief period of time.

The desktop articles such as the promotional mugs, coasters, mouse mats and others, are made from recycled tyres, plastic products, and other products. The recycled mugs and coasters that are printed from the used plastic materials are one of the most popular brand promotion articles used for corporate events such as trade shows or exhibitions. They can be distributed in small gatherings within the office. The mugs and coasters are the friendly promotional gifts because they have a large print area on them. Similar is the case of the mouse mats. They display the brand name for a long time thus, facilitating an effective brand promotion activity.

The recycled promotional carrier bags and shopping bags are great brand display articles. They can be used for different brand promotion activities. The paper bags are the most common gift item used in seminars or conferences. During such events, the companies require the promotional carrier bags for enclosing the promotional articles such as the pamphlets, brochures and notepads. Thus, they are helpful in both the ways. The recycled shopping bags are useful to the retail stores. They can be used as the promotional gift for the shoppers. They are handed out to the customers who make a purchase from the shop. At Ideasbynet, all these articles are available in large variety. They are imprinted with the brand name in an effective manner. To see the details of the recycled promotional products and their uses, please visit the website

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