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Computer SMPS Repairing - How to Stop Feeling Stress When Repairing Computer SMPS

Computer SMPS repairing is ULTRA difficult and only a genius would dare to do it. So you better avoid it at all cost!

Alright, I'm just kidding okay;) Fixing a computer's switch mode power supply is quite a breeze actually - well, in most cases...

You know, I used to hate repairing SMPS because its multiple circuit designs are so confusing. Liner power supplies were so much easier to fix.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a detailed SMPS service manual and things became a lot less stressful for me. You can check out the manual details by following the link at the bottom of this article.

Now, if you feel stressed out when doing computer SMPS repairing work - please don't feel that way. Take a deep breath and relax..

Let me give you a few helpful tips...

#1... Measure the voltage properly. If the volt lines have increased then you're looking at an overvoltage problem.

#2...Adjust your volt-ohm meter to the range of 1 and try inspecting the secondary output area. The secondary diodes' outputs need to be tested. Place the ohm meter's black probe on all outputs while the red one is placed on the cold ground.

If it shows a single reading, then there's nothing wrong with the output voltage. The problem lies elsewhere!

#3...When doing computer SMPS repairing, it's imperative that you check the presence of decayed glue. This problem happens quite often!

Also keep an eye out for other common issues like leaky or dried up capacitors, faulty power IC and so on.

One thing I should point out about power ICs is that before you try to replace them, do some extensive testing first.

Don't be replacing a power IC just for the sake of it. Grab a UC3842 IC Tester and test, test, test! To save cost, you can try creating your own IC tester. It's not hard to do.

A step by detailed step photographic instruction manual will help you complete your computer SMPS repairing [] a lot quicker plus it also shows you how to make a simple yet effective IC and zener diode tester.

Go to to get more details. It's a downloadable manual so no shipping.

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