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How to Brush a Miniature Schnauzer

    • 1). Calm your dog by using your hand to pet all the areas you wish to brush. Pay special attention to the schnauzer's legs, beard and underskirt because these areas usually need special attention for this breed.

    • 2). Use a pin brush as your main tool. This type of brush looks like a human brush. It has straight metal pins sticking out from its cushion. A pin brush works best for most miniature schnauzer coats, especially when working through knots. Begin at the top of the legs. Use upward strokes, against the grain of the fur. This line brushing technique ensures that all fur receives adequate grooming. Work your way down the legs until all the fur is tangle-free.

    • 3). Continue the line brushing technique at the beard and then the underskirt. Once all the major schnauzer areas are covered, brush the body and between the toes.

    • 4). Grab a comb and smooth down the coat with strokes going with the grain of the fur. By this point, the fur should have no tangles. If you come across a tangle or a knot, place your hand between the knot and the miniature schnauzer's skin to lessen the dog's discomfort during combing.

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