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How to Make an Electric Rocket

    • 1). Cut the tip of the hollow cone off and leave a circular hole of the same diameter as the opening of the atomizer. Size the hole to fit the atomizer's opening exactly.

    • 2). Put one wire through the exhaust nozzle's smaller opening and make an even loop with it parallel to the openings and a short distance into the nozzle. Put the other wire through the nozzles' large opening and make an even loop of this second wire a short distance below the first one.

    • 3). Check your atomizer, adjustable valve and fuel tank for fuel. Do not use any equipment with even the smallest amount of any flammable in it.

    • 4). Connect the atomizer onto the smaller of the exhaust nozzle's two holes and weld the two openings together. Then connect the adjustable valve over the atomizer and weld it in place. Put the fuel tank on and weld that into place. Put the center of gravity for each piece of equipment over the center of the exhaust nozzle's largest opening to balance the rocket in flight. Place them in a cylindrical housing to secure them in these positions. Attach the second cylinder on top of the housing as a nose cone.

    • 5). Start your rocket from a safe distance away and behind cover. Begin with the fuel valve closed, then open the fuel valve slowly so as not to overfill the system. If your rocket does not take off the first time, simply move the lower of the two wire loops closer to the higher one.

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