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WIIFM - What's In It For Me, is probably the most important rule.
Whether the purpose of visiting a website is to access information or to buy a product/service, the visitor always has WIIFM in the forefront.
Look at your own areas of interest first.
It is much easier to create information, a product or a service in ones own of interest.
This does not mean that a new area of interest cannot be learnt.
Become an EXPERT in the specific area by providing valuable information in the area of interest.
Remember WIIFM, because the visitor to the website needs to have a high level of comfort and trust.
The best way to becoming an expert is to become Passionate about the area of interest.
To create comfort and trust always under-promise and over-deliver.
Remember visitors will NOT part with their hard earned cash for anything without substance.
One method which has been successful for centuries is to give something of value, away as a Free Gift.
Everyone wants something for free.
If it is feasible, build in a Money Back Gaurantee.
Again this creates a high level of comfort and trust.
The longer the guarantee the easier the sale.
90 days money back guarantee is better than 30 days.
Make sure that the money back guarantee is not just an idle promise, but something that can be carried through.
The product must have a USP - Unique Selling Proposition.
It must be unique to you and MUST differentiate from other products.
Otherwise the perception of an Expert will not exist and over time visitors will quickly lose interest.
The ultimate aim should be to get the visitors email address.
By having a powerful USP combined with WIIFM and all the other rules mentioned above the visitors will be more than willing to give the email address.
These email address will become your biggest asset from which fortunes can be made.
Here is an interesting story.
Hotmail was created by someone offering a free email account, which became the largest list of free emails globally.
Bill Gates/Microsoft bought out Hotmail for a reported $300 million.
Not bad for something that was given away for free.
Recently, I came across a tutorial course of an e-book and a set of videos which outlined a step-by-step process to ultimately achieve success in Internet Marketing.
It's a complete course creating a business model, searching for a "Niche", setting up a website to collecting payment from prospective buyers.
All the ingredients necessary to create an Internet Marketing feast are available through the e-book/videos tutorial outlining the whole process necessary to run an online business, is set out in a methodical, easy to follow manner.
You'll be able to: oResearch for ideas oCreate INFO products based on the ideas with your own USP oCreate your own website oSet up a Merchant account to collect the payment oAnd a lot more besides, too numerous to mention Wish you all the PROSPERITY Ritesh Shah

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