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Red Ear Slider Turtle Information

The Razorback Musk Turtle (or Sternotherus Carinatus) is a small turtle that is extremely popular as pets.
Their size ranges anywhere from five to six inches; making them a fairly small species of turtle.
Which may contribute to their popularity as people love small animals! These turtles are carnivorous, usually eating things such as mollusks, snails, insects, crawdads, and any other animal matter that is easy to catch.
When setting up the perfect environment for your Razorback Musk Turtle, you should keep several temperatures throughout its habitat.
From an air temperature of seventy five to eighty three degrees, a basking temperature of mid eighties to low nineties, as well as a water temperature that is mid to high in the seventies.
This will help to ensure that your new pet is comfortable throughout their enclosure.
The Red-Eared Slider (also known as Trachemys scripta elegans) is a popular pet among many turtle lovers.
They are known to be a subspecies of the pond slider; native to places such as the southern United States.
Where they have become exceedingly common in many different places due to their popularity as pets.
  These red-eared sliders are named for the red stripe that runs along and around their ear.
While the "slider" portion comes from their ability and want to slide off of rocks to "slide" into the water quickly.
  Unlike some of the box turtles many people have become so fond of; red-eared sliders are almost fully aquatic.
Taking time only to bask in the sun and to lay their eggs.
  Also unlike some other turtles, these sliders must eat their food in the water.
Whether it be feeder fish or pellets.
This is because they have fixed tongues; making it hard for them to eat outside of the water.
  Remember, as with any other turtle, you will need to make sure to offer them a proper habitat; of which you can find at any specialty reptile or fish store.
The simple rule of thumb is to gather enough information about their habitat to keep your red-eared slider happy!

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