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5 Things to Know About Bankruptcy From Your Attorney Before Filing

Having found the right attorney to help you file for bankruptcy, there are five important questions you should ask him or her before proceeding with it.
What Type Of Bankruptcy Should I Take?
There are eight different types of bankruptcy to choose from, and your attorney should be able to explain them to you, pointing out the pros and the cons of each of them, and help you decide on which is the best to take, considering the peculiarity of your case.
You should know a great deal of these different types of bankruptcy, and be fully aware of the implication of making any choice.
How Can I file Bankruptcy?
It is important that you ask your attorney how you can file your bankruptcy case.
Your attorney will guide you on what to do, and will help your put the necessary documents together.
However, know that you will have to file your bankruptcy case in the state you are residing.
What Fees Will I Pay?
You need to know what it will cost you to file for bankruptcy.
There are certainly fees to pay, such as attorney's fee and the fee imposed by the court, which you must pay before you can file for bankruptcy.
It is needful for you to know what these fees are so that you can be prepared for them.
Where Should I File My Bankruptcy Claim?
You need to ask your attorney where you should file your bankruptcy claims, and for him or her to guide you there, and tell you what papers to take there.
What After Effect Should I Expect?
Ask your attorney what to expect after you have filed for bankruptcy, you need to be prepared for it.
And this is what to expect: your creditors will no longer contact you to make payment for your debt because they will have received notification from the court about your bankruptcy filing.
A court hearing will then take place, which will go on depending on the type of bankruptcy you have filed.
Asking the above bankruptcy questions will enable you to know a lot about what you are about doing, and get you involved in the whole process, instead of leaving everything to your attorney - you will enjoy the education.

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