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Thai Restaurants in Richardson, Texas

    Sawadika Thai Zone

    • Located in the Telecom Corridor of Richardson, Texas, Sawadika Thai Zone is one of the city's top Thai food spots. This fine dining restaurant has an atmosphere that is friendly and cozy. "Sawadika" translates to "hello." This restaurant offers lunch specials, along with its regular Thai staples. From its Pad Thai dish -- the traditional stir-fried Thai noodles -- to Sawadika Favorite Seafood, a combination of seafood stir-fried with vegetables, fresh basil leaves and spicy chili paste, your taste buds will not be disappointed at Sawadika. The authentic restaurant also has a full bar and offers takeout or dine in options.

    Noodle Wave

    • The recently redefined space at Noodle Wave offers guests an elegant dining experience at an affordable cost. Dishes here can be set to the level of heat and spiciness you desire, from mild to blazingly hot. Offering lunch and dinner menus, Noodle Wave also offers monthly specials. From traditional soups to its specialized vegetarian dishes, Noodle Wave uses a blend of coconut milk, basil, curry, spices and peanuts creating aromatic dishes. Sizable portions make these dishes easy to share.


    • Bambu is a quaint and intimate authentic Thai food restaurant. It is vegan friendly and offers free Wi-Fi. This Thai restaurant offers reasonably priced lunch specials, with Pad Thai, soup and spring rolls included. Bambu also offers plenty of deep-fried Thai foods, including fish cakes, fried tofu and deep-fried soft-shell crabs, which can go well with any Thai meal. Although the menu has several curries, the spice level is not too high at Bambu. Thai food enthusiasts may find the dishes mild here. For dessert, Bambu offers a sweet and salty black rice pudding and coconut cream treat, a must-try.

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