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How to Tighten Your Core While Swinging

    Diagonal Lift

    • 1). Stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart and with your feet pointing forward. Hold a medicine ball toward your left hip.

    • 2). Swing the ball up and across your body so that the ball finishes over your right shoulder. Do not move your torso or your lower body as you swing.

    • 3). Reverse the movement pattern back to the starting position. Perform two sets of 10 swings on each side of your body.

    Standing Diagonal Stick Lift

    • 1). Hold each end of the broomstick with your palms pressed into each end of the stick. Stand with your left leg in front of you and point both feet forward. Hold the stick near your right leg and parallel to the floor. Focus your eyes straight ahead.

    • 2). Lift the stick up and across your body without losing your hand positions on the stick. Raise the stick up so that it is parallel to the floor and above your left shoulder. Turn your torso slightly to your left as you move.

    • 3). Reverse the movement without losing your balance and posture. Perform two sets of 10 repetitions. Switch leg positions on the next set, and repeat the lift pattern in the opposite direction.

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