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How to Design Your Own Cartoon Dolls

    • 1). Draw a cartoon image, or find an image of an existing cartoon on the Internet and print it out. If you're not sure where to start, remember that a simple, rounded shape will work best for the doll: Avoid highly detailed outlines.

    • 2). Obtain a photocopy of your cartoon image. Do not complete this step until you are ready to transfer the image to fabric, because fresh photocopies work best for the transfer process.

    • 3). Cut out two fabric scraps to match the shape of the cartoon's outline. Don't worry if the fabric doesn't match the image exactly, but make sure that the fabric is no smaller than the image.

    • 4). Lay the photocopy face-down on one of the fabric scraps. Wet the back of the photocopy with a blender pen using firm, even strokes. You will gradually see the image through the paper as it transfers to the fabric.

    • 5). Rub the back of the wet photocopy with the back of a wooden spoon. Be careful to cover the entire area of the image. Press firmly with the spoon for best results.

    • 6). Sew the two pieces of fabric together, using batting material or extra fabric scraps as stuffing between the two fabric shapes.

    • 7). Decorate the completed cartoon doll with fabric markers if you like, or sew buttons or string to the doll to achieve a three-dimensional effect.


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