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Which Pickup Line Will Work For You?

There was a time in my life when my answer would have been, they only work for good looking guys.
Yet that was also a time in my life in which I actually uglied myself up with long hair, big thick glasses, and clothing that hid every part of my naturally attractive body.
I can now see how I rationalized the whole process in my head...
ranging from, "I want a woman to like for me who I am, not for my body", to "I don't want a woman to base her views on my appearance.
I want her to see past that.
" The excuses or reasons were just masking my shyness of getting physical with a woman I found attractive.
I did not realize at the time that there was something much deeper going on.
Being a highly intuitive man I knew in the back of my head there was something else, but I refused to see it.
It was easier just to rationalize.
I can now ask myself..
would the same pickup line used back then, that didn't work, work for me now? Now I can't say that using any line on any women will always work.
There are way too many variables that exist in everyone's daily life.
Let's face it.
Walk up to an incredibly attractive woman who appears very approachable and is in a wonderful mood and say the worst, most cliché pickup line you can think of, and do it very seriously without cracking a smile.
Make sure you are gently looking right in her eyes, not a creepy like stare, and don't look away.
Chances are she will respond positively.
She'll be wondering whether you are serious or not and there's a great chance she will eventually laugh.
Then you can start a conversation with her.
On the other hand do that same line with every women, in any place you can meet a woman.
I'll make a bet you'll be the creepiest thing that appeared in her day.
You will be the topic of a funny conversation amongst her friends the first chance she gets...
and me if I happen to be watching you do it.
Alright now, before I go off on a wild tangent filled with some of the worse pickup lines in the history of man uttering his first words, let's discuss this issue a little deeper.
Do pickup lines work? Just the phrase "pickup lines", tells me most of the time, they are useless.
The definition of a pickup line in Wikopedia is "a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for sex, romance, or dating.
Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pick-up lines advertise the wit and/or arousal of their speakers to their target listeners.
" Just by definition alone it implies you have a goal in mind.
You have the intention of furthering your relationship in one way or another.
You are telegraphing to her your interest which, when not done properly, will put you in chase mode, and her in retreat mode.
Whether she plays hard to get, or disqualifies you instantly from ever being a potential suitor, you have an uphill battle to be won.
You'll end up putting so much weight on the outcome of the encounter that your neediness will be easily recognized by almost any women.
Granted there are many exceptions to this rule but I have talked with so many women about this subject and most do agree that, they will leave you being viewed as having a lower status than her.
They don't work.
They have a negative impact and go against every natural instinct you have as a human to attract another human.
Which pickup line will work you? The cold hard truth is...
none of them will until you learn to cultivate your personality to naturally approach anyone.
Think about the last time you had a great conversation with a woman that you just met and you were not attracted to her but it was obvious she was into you.
You were, I guarantee, completely relaxed, not too much stuck in your own head, and everything flowed naturally from your brain to your mouth.
This also affected your body language so without you even realizing it, you were being more and more attractive to her the longer the conversation went on.
There's nothing wrong with what you feel but you need to learn to harness the feelings deep rooted in your attraction mechanism.
At this point you won't be picking up, you'll be socially interacting with a positive vibe.
And believe me, women find that a very attractive trait in a man and some of them will even go out of their way, to approach you with their cheesiest pickup lines.

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