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T-shirts On Holiday

Imagine travelling to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world only to find that you cannot leave your hotel room because your t-shirt is considered offensive.

Although you should probably consider yourself lucky that you found this out before you paraded your brand new t-shirt outside.

Depending on the logo your t-shirt adorns then you could have insulted people or even worse been threatened for wearing it. Therefore it is imperative that you research the holiday destinations that you are visiting before you pack for the occasion.

FCUK is a perfect example of how things can be considered offensive as some people will not know what French Connection is and at a quick glance could believe that it is the swear word that looks impeccably similar.

When shopping for your holiday clothes if the only t-shirts you can find have logos or toons displayed on them then the better idea would possibly be to go for the toon especially if this is cute. I cannot imagine any culture that would be offended by something cute and fuzzy.

When being offered work in some countries you are also asked in this circumstance to ensure you do not wear any t-shirts that bear logos that could be considered offensive. The reason being that this would not look very professional in a place of work and therefore smart but casual dress would most likely be preferable.

It is imperative that before you pack for your well-earned holiday that you look into the countrys customs and dress code to ensure that you do not make any kind of faux pars whilst you are there. In China for example it is not common to see people walking around in strappy t-shirts as usually they keep their shoulders covered. This seems to be the same for Japan and whilst not frowned upon when tourists do expose their shoulders the rule of thumb would generally seem to be that in keeping with custom it is better to adhere to more or less how the natives present themselves.

When travelling far afield to Saudi Arabia for example hindsight would be imperative as when wandering the city streets women are required to be covered from head to toe and also to be accompanied by a male at all times. Going into countries like these and not having an idea of the best way to dress could result in you causing offence in many cultures.

Please remember these golden rules when shopping for your holiday clothes as this could save you a lot of trouble and possibly even arrest: -
1.Ensure you research customs especially if you are going further afield such as China/Japan Saudi Arabia etc
2.Try to pack t-shirts that have no logos on them and if unavoidable opt for very cute, non-offensive ones
3.If unsure of what is acceptable then do not choose strappy tops but go for t-shirts that cover your midriff, shoulders and most of your arm length
4.Most importantly enjoy your holiday!

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