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Hire Article Writer: Ready To Crush Your Marketing ROI? Hire An Article Writer That Gets Results

So you've done you "due diligence" and you are ready to get the Google visibility you know you now need.
When you are ready to hire an article writer or bigger yet, to choose an article marketing services company, wow, you really have to know what your options are out there.
This may come as a bit of a slap, but the best article writer you can start using has far less to do with the quality of that person's writing and a lot to do with what that person can do to get your best keywords seen on Google page one.
I'm sorry, but isn't that the only game worth winning? To hire an article writer and to ensure that you are going beyond, you need to ask that writer the following questions: What Is The Search Volume Monthly For The Keywords You Are Using? You articles will feature one major keyword.
But you need to know how many people are searching for that keyword monthly...
how else will you know how often your article MIGHT get seen? What Will You Do For My LSI Keywords In My Article? LSI keywords are simply those that Google needs to see to support your main keywords and they are incredibly important.
Make sure the plan is in place for you to see those.
How Will You Promote My Article Once It's Published? Unless the immediate answer is that they will link to your new article from the best bookmarking sites, or other high quality sites, run.
How Will You Ensure That My Article Gets To Google Page #1? Ah, the million dollar question.
It is very easy for any article marketing services company to hand you this article and to walk away.
You need responsibility.
If you are going to hire an article writer you need soup to nuts.
And you need for that to be put in writing.
For an article writing company, that should be no big deal, right?

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