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How To Get Mystery Eggs On Farmville

Mystery Eggs are randomly distributed in Farmville. However, there are a several tricks you can utilize to dramatically increase the odds of receiving an egg.

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Step 1; Get a Chicken Coop:

Visit the market and purchase a chicken coop for 5,000 coins. If you don't have enough coins to purchase your own coop just ask one of your neighbors to gift you a coop. You may also obtain a chicken coop by hatching a mystery egg.

Step 2; Harvest Your Eggs:

Harvest your eggs every 24 hours. You will get coins for each chick in your coop. If you have 5 chicks with a harvest rate of 6 coins each you will receive 30 coins. Every time you harvest you have another opportunity to obtain a Mystery Egg.

Step 3; Sell Your Coop:

You can improve your chances of receiving a mystery egg by selling your chicken coop and then immediately purchasing another one. Each sale of a chicken coop is another opportunity to receive a mystery egg. Do this several times until you have all the eggs you need.

Step 4; Raise Colored Chickens:

White chicks will only lay premium white eggs. Therefore; you should keep a variety of colored chicks in your chicken coop. This will increase the number of opportunities to receive a colored mystery egg. Brown chicks can produce black, white, and brown chicks. Black chicks will produce brown, white, black, and gold chicks.

Step 5; Post Your Mystery Eggs:

Post your Myst. Eggs on your Facebook wall to share with your friends. You can share Myst. Eggs with your Farmville Friends but each egg is limited to 5 Farmville friends.

Cool FarmvilleFacts;

You may find one of these mystery items inside your mystery egg:

Inside a White Myst. Egg you may find: a White Chicken, a Brown Chicken, a Pink Flamingo, or a Garden Gnome.

Inside a Brown Myst. Egg you may find: a Brown Chicken, a Black Chicken, and 1 Fuel Refill.

Inside a Black Myst. Egg you may find: a Black Chicken, a Golden Chicken, and 10 Fuel Refills.

Inside a Golden Myst. Egg you may find: a Golden Chicken, a Tree Swing, a Hot Tub, a Fire Pit, a Golden Garden Gnome, and 20 Fuel Refills.

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Farmville Tips:

You should wait until your coop is 100% ready to harvest.

Keep your chicken coop full of colored chickens to increase the odds of receiving the mystery egg you are searching for.

In order to move your chickens into your coop click on a chicken, select move, hover over the chicken and move it to the chicken coop. When the coop is highlighted in yellow release the chickens.

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