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How to Get the Dragon Claw in "Emerald"

    • 1). Progress through the game until you are told to follow Team Aqua and Team Magma into Meteor Falls. After you leave Meteor Falls, proceed to collect all eight gym badges and beat the game.

    • 2). Put a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall in your party. Head back to Meteor Falls, located on Route 114.

    • 3). Surf north on the water in the main room and then swim up the waterfall. When you get to dry land, go through the door.

    • 4). Walk north through the tunnel. Turn right and get on the ladder to go to the next room.

    • 5). Continue walking left, ignoring the southern path. Head north at the end of the path. Take the ladder to another room.

    • 6). Walk right and then go upstairs. Turn right again and a trainer challenges you, forcing you into a battle. Beat the trainer.

    • 7). Jump over the sand piles on the left side of the room. Turn left after you hop over the sixth sand pile. Take the ladder in front of you.

    • 8). Walk downstairs. Get in the water and swim north. Swim through the doorway to enter a cave. Get out of the water when you see land and pick up the Poke Ball to receive TM02, Dragon Claw.

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