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The baby shower flowers that you purchase for your next event shouldn't be overdone.
They should be used more as subtle accents around the room, in various specific locations.
Here are some ideas for making your baby shower flowers a nice addition to the décor: 1.
Have a floral arrangement at the gift table - If there is one place in the room you want to have flowers at your baby shower, the gift table is probably it.
Even if you have no other flowers in the room, this will set the gift table apart and draw everyone's eye to the beautiful display of presents.
At the end of the baby shower, this arrangement can be given to the future mom as a gift, too! 2.
Have floral arrangements at the banquet table and as centerpieces at the eating tables - When having flowers at various locations around the room, you can add a nice arrangement of baby shower flowers to your banquet table.
Matching arrangements of a smaller size can be placed as centerpieces at the eating tables.
These arrangements will make great prizes for any baby shower games you have planned.
Give the expectant mom a corsage - A nice touch to your baby shower flowers is giving the guest of honor a corsage.
This is her special party and she should be made to feel that way.
Some varieties of flowers that work wonderfully are: o Baby's Breath o Miniature Roses o Miniature Carnations o The Expectant Mother's Favorites When it comes to baby shower flowers, you don't have to go overboard.
Have them match the color scheme of your decorations, so that they blend in.
Make them simple and fragrant, so that they will create a festive atmosphere without being gaudy and intrusive.

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