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Dirty Body Language Signals That Men and Women Use to Flirt

Do you really know how to interpret the nonverbal messages of the opposite sex? It can be really confusing when a person says one thing and nonverbally they are communicating something else.
No wonder many singles have difficulty in knowing what the opposite sex is thinking or feeling.
Men and women have certain body language signals that are unique to each sex.
But, how do you go about in unraveling signals that are confusing and misleading? On this article I will present dirty body language signals that men and women display on dates.
If you keep your eyes open on your next date you should be able to have less difficulty in interpreting your date's signals.
Pointing - When a person is interested in another person they will often point at them subconsciously with their hands, feet, legs, arms, or toes.
This means that they are strongly attracted to you.
Observe closely and take a peek at what the other person's hands and feet are doing and you will be pleasantly surprised! Blinking - When you make eye contact with someone pay close attention to their blinking.
The rate of their blinking increases with their interest factor.
In order to take advantage of this increase your blinking rate.
If the other person is interested they will unknowingly increase their rate.
Believe it or not, if you do it right you will mesmerize the other person! Eyebrow flash - When two people are interested in each other their eyebrows will rise and fall.
This signal is difficult to detect because it happens so quickly.
People are not aware that they are doing it.
Next time, let the one you fancy know that you are interested by deliberately raising your eyebrow while making full eye contact.
It works like a charm! Mirroring - This signal takes practice.
Follow the bodily movements of the one you are interested.
In other words, do whatever it is that they do.
For example, if they take a sip of their drink and give you eye contact, pause and do the same.
However, timing is everything.
Wait about 50 seconds to mirror their behavior.
If done correctly, you will set the mood for a very entertaining time!

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