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How to Change the Cabin Filter on a 1995 VW Passat


    • 1). Pull the hood release and open the hood. Prop the hood open.

    • 2). Locate the cabin air-filter cover directly in front of the windshield on the passenger side. Remove the three screws holding the tabs onto the cover with the Phillips screwdriver.

    • 3). Slide the three tabs off the cover by turning them counterclockwise.

    • 4). Lift the cabin air-filter cover toward the windshield to remove it.

    • 5). Lift the old filter out, pulling up and toward the front of the vehicle.

    • 6). Insert the new filter by sliding it into the slot until it cannot go any further back, and set it down into the compartment. Be sure to position the filter according to the arrow printed on the filter.

    • 7). Replace the cabin air-filter cover. Move the cover tabs back over the filter cover.

    • 8). Insert the three screws into the cover tabs with the Philips screwdriver.

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