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How to Make a Horse Race Track Model

  • 1). Work out the scale of the track to fill as much of your board as possible. If one furlong equals 3 inches, the total track length of the oval will be 24 inches. Draw the straight sides of the track with a ruler, and use the compass to draw a semi-circle at each end. Draw the inside edge of the track in the same way, leaving a gap of around an inch between the two lines. You now have the outline of the track; it should resemble an oval with straight sides.

  • 2). Tie a knot in the end of the string. Tie another knot 3 inches away from the first one. Use the knots to divide the race track into furlongs, marking at 3-inch intervals with a pen in the middle of the track.

  • 3). Paint the surface of the board in green, leaving only the track itself unpainted. Leave to dry thoroughly. Break the heads off the matches, and paint them and the cocktail stick in white. Leave to dry. Cut out a small circle of white paper, and glue to one end of the cocktail stick to make the winning post.

  • 4). Break the modeling clay into eight balls about the size of a pea. Place them on the green grass, lining them up with the furlong marks on the track. Paint the track itself in brown to look like dirt. Once dry, spread a little glue onto the track and sprinkle sand over to give texture.

  • 5). Push a match into each ball of clay and leave to harden. Make a ninth clay ball, a little bigger than the rest, and place on greaseproof paper. Push the cocktail stick in, using your fingers to smooth the clay up around the stem to make a stand. Leave to harden. When dry, place the winning post on the track and move around as required.

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