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How I Got My Ex Back in 30 Days and Kept Them

If you are like me, your breakup is really hard on you.
When I went through my breakup, I wasn't able to do anything work for weeks.
I was utterly devastated.
We had been together for over 6 months, and I truly loved them.
After two weeks of moping around, I decided enough was enough.
The breakup had happened, I needed to realize this truth.
Now I needed to get a plan in action and get my lover back.
After reading guides online, this is what I decided to do.
Week 1-2.
Don't communicate with them.
The first two weeks before my plan, I unknowingly made the biggest mistake possible.
I called them 20 times a day and begged to be taken back.
I was shameless.
Although one of the hardest things you will ever do, not talking to them for a while is crucial.
This will make them realize how much they miss you, and help them see that they haven't moved on.
It will also make them want you more, as we want what we can't have more and more.
Week 3.
I work at the same company as my ex.
For 2 weeks I made sure to avoid them.
The third week I made sure to run into them.
I made sure to look excellent that day, and smile a lot.
Arm touches and small smiles work wonders.
Week 4.
This was the week I got them back.
I acted myself, sat down with them, and told them I wanted them back.
I said we could start small.
They said they agreed, and seeing me so happy and myself these past few weeks has made them want me back.
If you're serious about getting your ex back, you need to see my ultimate process to getting them back.
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