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Farmville Secrets - Beating Your Friends and Mastering the Game

One game has seriously taken the world of Facebook by storm.
This game, Farmville, is becoming very popular that every person has at least a few contacts that play it.
There are actually more than 60 million active players on the game that try to play it on the site.
To start working on the farm of your dreams and subsequently impress your friends, read on.
The art of getting Farmville on Facebook correctly is just a matter of time management.
If you are able to plant the correct crop and be able to harvest the next time you log in, you will be able to get your farm to its most efficient performance.
Everybody will always have two goals when they try to tackle the game.
The first will be to plant the crops and buy the miscellaneous items you need, and the second one is to gain experience so that you can expand the number of things that you can do with the farm.
Having more friends in Farmville can very much increase the number of coins and experience you can get.
The benefits of getting contacts for the purpose of the game has become too many that communities have been formed to facilitate the adding of strangers to their accounts.
All of these have the goal of getting more neighbors on their farms.
If you really want to get the most out of the application, you may consider going all-out and join these communities.
Surely, your daily bonuses will sky-rocket.
Depending on the level that you play, you will always have a difficult time deciding on the right crop to get.
There are varied choices.
You can get plants which can be harvested in two hours, the kinds which can give you more experience and coins in the early levels.
Some plants require longer amounts of time which allow you to do other things.
It is common for players to get the wrong calculation of the amount of experience and coins which can be gained from harvesting different crops.
You should always remember that plowing your farm can get you one experience point.
Different crops get you the same experience but with fewer coins.
These are just a few Farmville secrets.
Indeed, there are many more out there that you can use too.
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