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Search Engine Optimization - The Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are a number of ways to get traffic to your website.
Some of these are paid (such as PPC, advertising, etc.
), while others are free (Twitter, SEO, Facebook Marketing).
Of these, one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic is SEO.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
It is a method via which you can rank high on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and get traffic when someone searches for your ranked keyword.
Suppose you have a website on Organic Food.
If you rank on page #1 on Google for the keyword "organic food", you can receive a huge amount of traffic whenever someone searches for 'organic food' on Google.
This traffic is absolutely free and of a very high quality.
The benefits of SEO are many.
For one, it is completely free.
Paid sources such as PPC can quickly burn a hole in your pocket.
SEO, however, is absolutely free in terms of cost.
The only thing you have to do is to put in the effort to rank high on Google and other search engines.
The other big benefit is the quality of the traffic.
Many people who advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or other such 'social media' sites like YouTube, MySpace, etc.
have observed that the quality of the traffic is significantly lower than what they get from Google or other search engines.
This means that people who visit you through search engines are much more likely to buy something from you as compared to people who visit through social networking sites.
Thus, SEO traffic is much more valuable as compared to other traffic sources.
Finally, SEO provides passive and long term traffic.
With PPC, the traffic lasts only as long as you are advertising.
With SEO, however, you'll get traffic as long as you rank high on Google.
If you put in even a little bit of effort on your site every month, you can rank high for months, if not years.
This is completely hands-off, passive traffic that you can easily exploit.
So, are you convinced that SEO is the best way to drive traffic?

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