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Making A Great Beach Wedding

Making a unique, reasonable wedding at the beach

As I searched for great weddings here and abroad I saw one distinct wedding that really caught my attention. A wedding of a couple abroad that was held on a regular church and had their reception afterwards on a beach. Although it may sound normal but with a little twist and turn by the couple made this simple wedding, grand. The details here will let you find out how different their wedding preparation and how you can learn from their wedding plans and let you be creative on your own.

Their unique wedding started when they made their wedding a secret. Since they wanted to have a private solemn wedding, they invited only their closest family and friends. They gave their invitation by phone, SMS and wedding invitation a week before their wedding. Telling about the date, place and time of the wedding but did not include where the reception would be and adding at the lower part of the invitation that their wedding is a secret and to wear a formal attire of white. They were also asked to SMS back the size of their feet.

At the wedding, their close friends, who were asked by the couple to prepare their favorite songs, sang their selected songs as the bride walk down the aisle. Happiness and excitement can really be seen from the bride and groom since they are surrounded by people they love. Family and friends shared their excitement with the couple but little did they know that the day had just begun.

After the wedding ceremony, the guests were given another invitation together with a map sketched on the sole of a slipper saying that they have to find the location of the wedding reception and the missing pair of their slipper. The guests traveled for an hour and a half only to find a secluded beach the couple rented for their reception where they were given the other pair of slipper which they have to use for the day. The reception lasted until evening with a lot of singing by their friends, dancing by the couple and guests catered with a lot of hugging and kissing from the bride and groom.

Learning from this simple but creative wedding preparation can also save you lots of money. If you are going to have a wedding and would want to have a fabulous one, you can get ideas from what they did and follow their three simple steps: Limit your guests, let your friends help out, and be creative and fun.

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