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What Are Dinkers And Moonballers And Why Are They Big Foes In Tennis?

Smokers know that smoking may lead to all sorts of health problems.
We also know that cigarettes contains nicotine and 4000 other chemicals.
But one of the harmful effects that people ignore is that smoking and impotence and highly related and many smokers put their sex lives in jeopardy without knowing.
The probability of a depression is higher for smokers compared to a non-smoker.
A person suffering from diabetes or have high blood pressure has a higher chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction.
The cause of erectile dysfunction may be due to smoking.
Toxins such as carbon monoxide can cause damage to the circulatory system and restrict blood flow to the penis.
Studies have also indicated that men smokers have lower sperm count compared to men who do not smoke.
Men smokers also have a higher proportion of malformed sperm.
The intake of tobacco smoke will result in fatty deposits blocking the blood flow to the penis due to smoking.
This usually lead to male impotence problems.
Excess nicotine consumption will also result in rapid contractions inn the penile tissue.
Nicotine will also affect the brain which will restrict the arterial blood flow into the penis.
This is also known as acute vasospasm.
Sexual process and functions requires the work of different organs and coordination in the body such as the hormones, nervous system and vascular system to maintain the pumping of blood flow into the penis to maintain erection.
Consumption of cigarettes will affect these functions and have the probability of causing impotence.
Toxins and chemicals also restricts blood flow in the circulatory system, causing the blockage of arteries.
The arteries being restricted and blocked will also be a factor for impotency.
Other negative effects to the male sexual health are such as: o Low sperm count o Abnormal sperm shape o Reduce volume of ejaculation o Reduced sperm mobility Smoking is extremely detrimental for health in many aspects including your sexual life.
Nicotine and intake of cigarettes can cause erectile dysfunction.
So be aware of your health and quit smoking today.

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