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What Are Dinkers And Moonballers And Why Are They Big Foes In Tennis?

Tennis would be a boring world if every player used the same tricks.
Winning would become very tedious.
With this in mind, you are probably asking if Dinkers and Moon Ballers are beatable.
You can beat them, but it is important to understand their tricks.
A Dinker is the type of player who never misses a ball.
A Dinker is also known for hitting lightly, yet still getting the ball deep and angled to where you cannot possibly hit it back.
This type of player is extremely successful because they force you to make errors every step of the way.
To beat a Dinker, you need to play from the net.
Jump and get those balls back over the net in record time.
A Dinker will not be expecting the quick return.
Suddenly, your opponent will be the one struggling to return the ball.
Another great trick is to force your opponent to move up to the net for a short shot.
This type of player is not good at hitting short shots, so invariably he or she will choke.
Do not rush the game.
Keep returning his or her balls until you find a shot that you know you can get to a place that he or she will not be able to return.
Usually, drop shots will do the trick.
Players who are good at moon balling never hit hard, but they excel at the backspin.
Balls from this type of player come fast and deep.
You need to be on your toes to beat this type of player.
You can beat a Moon baller by attacking from the net.
Remember that the returns will go deep, so as soon as you have hit it, move back on the court.
Lull your opponent into a false sense of security.
Allow for a series of volleys back and forth and let the player get comfortable.
Suddenly, attack by moving forward and hitting the return while the ball is still in the air.
You will shake your opponent up and cause him or her to miss the ball.
Moon balls often fall spin when they drop.
Hit the ball when it is still rising to maintain best control of the ball.
Then aim for a location just barely over the net.
This type of player usually struggles to return a low ball.
Throw in an occasional low ball.
Have the ball drop suddenly.
Most players are not comfortable near the net, so by having a ball remain low and close to the net, you take your opponent out of his or her comfort zone.
Remember that every tennis player will have a trick up his or her sleeve.
By preparing for the unexpected and turning the tables on your opponent, you will succeed at any match.

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