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Five Tips to Help You and Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

It's that time of year again: the clocks have gone forward, it's getting darker earlier and it's much, much colder.
Soon it'll be bonfire night: a great evening out for some families, but for those with pet dogs it can be nothing more than a source of anxiety and worry over your dog's firework fear.
And it's never just for the one day! Your neighbours may be planning fireworks parties all weekend, or naughty teenagers may set off rockets on the local park most evenings of the week.
So, to help you enjoy fireworks night, and so your pooch is content being left alone during all the loud banging, whirring and popping, we've put together five tips for you: 1) Make a den: Take your doggy's crate or bed and put it in a remote corner of the house, preferably somewhere tight, warm and snuggly.
Pad the outside with blankets, towels and covers.
This way it'll be well insulated from noise.
As soon as the fireworks start, distract him with a treat and coax him into the den.
Train him until he runs into den by himself.
He'll learn to feel safe in there, plus the padding will help reduce the noise.
2) Leave on some music: Turn on some relaxing classical music in the room you're leaving your dog, just loud enough to cover the sounds of the pops.
If you ensure there's no silence, the popping won't startle him and cause him to bark.
3) Get him tired: Take him for a large run before you go out.
This way, he'll be more likely to settle down and go to sleep when you're out the house, rather than occupy himself barking at the fireworks.
4) Desensitise your pup: You can buy CDs of fireworks (and other) noises, which you can play to your puppy, at first he'll bark but keep reassuring him that the noises are nothing to be scared of and keep settling him down.
He'll soon be used to the firework noises and they won't bother him.
Remember: don't feed your dog if he's making noise (even to distract or calm him) as he'll see it as a reward for barking! 5) Starchy foods: Settle your dog and give him a treat to fill him up: mix his usual dinner with pasta and potato just before you go out.
He'll tuck into his treat and soon feel stodgy and want to go for a snooze.
You can bet he'll go straight off to bed and sleep off his dinner all evening! Tip: don't overdo it otherwise he may gorge on his tasty treat too quick and become ill.

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