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UC Berkeley Brothers Redefine Test Prep with Launch of Perfect800

Aside from scoring an 800 on the Math section of the SAT and attending UC Berkeley, brothers Robert and William Gange have something else in common - they are co-founders of newly launched SAT Math Prep site,

While both Robert and William have spent several years tutoring, Robert has experience teaching SAT Prep classes for industry giants. Through his years of experience teaching full classes of SAT students and tutoring several individuals, Robert realized two undeniable truths:

1) Students hate SAT classes, which take a one-size-fits-all approach that wastes students' time

2) Performance on the SAT Math section is highly correlated to the amount of practice questions students are exposed to (and learn the concepts / tricks from) beforehand

"Most students only need a brief review of the math concepts covered on the SAT exam, yet every SAT class I've heard of wastes hours covering this material. As a former SAT instructor for a large test prep company, I noticed that students became largely disengaged during my required lectures of math concepts, but many actually enjoyed solving the SAT Math questions. They would actually flip past the lecture area of their booklets and just start doing the questions." said Robert. Perfect800 directly addresses this issue by offering hundreds of fully explained SAT Math questions, sortable by difficulty and content type. What's more is Perfect800, unlike anyone else in the industry, offers customized answer explanations based on the student's answer choice. Robert continues, "We did our best to put the job of an SAT tutor on the Web. Aside from explaining multiple ways to solve each question correctly, we realized that sometimes students have trouble identifying their mistakes. By reverse-engineering thousands of trick answers, we are able identify our users' mistakes for them - saving valuable review minutes per question."

Secondly, Perfect800 makes SAT Prep more bearable by implementing game mechanics to keep its users motivated while studying. Perfect800 users gain and lose experience points in the same ratio as they would on the real exam, +1000 for a correct response and -250 for an incorrect answer. Users "level up" throughout their experience on the site, can earn virtual goods by completing mini-challenges, experience "on fire" bonuses as they go on streaks of correctly answered questions, and will soon be able to challenge others to an SAT Math Battle.

When asked why Perfect800 focuses just on the SAT Math section, Robert responded, "The Math section of the SAT has been empirically proven to be the section most susceptible to improvement and we knew we could help. It's pretty difficult to learn critical reading in a period of a couple of months, but the Math section is all about familiarity with the exam and the tricks it employs. For most students, improving their SAT Math score is a combination of learning new methods for solving each type of question and eliminating careless errors. We built an application completely optimized towards both goals with the hope of helping thousands of students improve their SAT Math score."

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