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You do not have to feel a victim of your thigh size.
First, thigh size is determined by many factors such as femur bone size, quadriceps and hamstring muscle size and fat located on the quadriceps.
These factors must be considered before embarking on a diagnosis of fitness level based on thigh size.
Second, it is important to remember that no fitness program can properly address just one aspect of your physical appearance.
Third, a more wholesome way of addressing fitness is to understand that we are all an integration of body, mind and spirit.
An integrated fitness program should address mental and spiritual or emotional health as well as the physical fitness aspect.
A personal trainer should give you a complimentary physical fitness appraisal to tell you what issues you should focus on.
It is worth getting a personalized fitness program which will enable you to spend time more efficiently addressing your own fitness issues.
If you have large bone size, then this something you have to consider before preparing an image of your fitness level.
A general conditioning program is what is necessary.
A personal trainer could write up an appropriate program designed specifically for you.
If you have strong quadriceps muscles like a sprinter, then you may want to back off on quadriceps strength training.
Instead, use lighter weights and higher repetitions to tone quadriceps muscles.
In addition, include strengthening and stretching of your hamstring muscles to balance the quadriceps.
Weak hamstrings are the source of many injuries and muscle aches and pains.
A fifteen minute stretching program in the morning is a great way to fend off muscle injury.
All stretching activity should be carried out after any resistance training (weight training) or cardiovascular exercise.
Ask a yoga instructor about an at-home stretching program that is easy and fun.
If you have ruled out bone size and muscle size as contributing factors to your thigh size, then you need to assess the fat issue.
At this point, investing in a proper cardiovascular and strength training program will take the fat off and keep it off with a maintenance plan.
Remember to include a nutrition plan into your week.
Low fat intake is key.
It is important to seek the services of a certified personal trainer in order to obtain an efficient program in which your time invested is effective.
Many people go to the gym and lift weights but few get the results they desire for the time invested.
A certified personal trainer can devise a scheme which will enable you to see results in six weeks.
For some people, a walking program is sufficient.
For others, a higher level of activity would be mandatory, depending on their fitness level.
A professional would be able to accurately assess what you would need.
Ultimately, you have to have good health as a goal.
A waif-like look should never be the goal.
We need to build strong bones and muscle and lower fat.
A professional fitness trainer can show you how.
Ensure your goals are always specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and timed (SMART).
It is better to say to yourself, "In 6 weeks I will achieve better cardiovascular health by incorporating a walk into my week", than to say "I will fit into a size 8 by next week".
Good health should always be priority number one!

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