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What Is the Difference Between Norton Internet Security & Virus Protection?

    Included Features

    • Norton Internet Security 2011 includes the anti-virus software. Internet Security also offers identity protection features such as storing and securing passwords and personal information. Another major difference is that while both will protect the computer, Internet Security will also monitor and secure the network and offers parental controls.


    • As of 2010, Norton Anti Virus 2011 can be purchased on-line directly from Norton's website for $59.99 with a one-year subscription. A one-year subscription purchased on-line for the Internet Security program fetched a price of $79.99. Discounts are available for both products if two-year subscriptions are purchased.


    • If the user has multiple programs from different companies to cover the same features found in Internet Security 2001, there is always the risk that one of the programs will be forgotten when it comes time to renew the subscription. Having all features with one program helps prevent the user from missing important renewal dates from certain prized features.


    • Viruses are not the only threats when using the Internet. Firewall and identity protection offer additional areas of protection. Parents who are concerned about what websites their children are visiting may benefit from the parental control feature. These additional features are found only in Internet Security.

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