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How to Disassemble My FN 1922

    • 1). Remove the magazine and set it aside. Rack the slide action back several times to ensure that there are no live rounds loaded in the 1922, then point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger to lower the striker.

    • 2). Pull back on the small "Bayonet" catch at the front of the pistol underneath the muzzle, then rotate the bushing cap on the front of the muzzle counterclockwise. Keep a firm grip on the bushing and continue twisting until you feel it pop off the front of the pistol.

    • 3). Remove both the bushing cap and the recoil spring and set them aside.

    • 4). Pull the slide back until the second notch on the left side of the slide aligns with the safety lever, also on the left side.

    • 5). Push the safety lever up into the slide notch to lock it in place.

    • 6). Twist the barrel clockwise--looking down the barrel from the back of the pistol--about 90 degrees. This will unlock the slide.

    • 7). Grip the slide firmly and release the safety catch, then push the slide and barrel forward and completely off the pistol frame.

    • 8). Rotate the barrel until the barrel lugs come into view from the bottom of the slide, then pull the barrel straight forward and out of the slide.

    • 9). Lift the striker assembly, firing pin and cap from the rear of the slide and set them aside.

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