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You might be thinking you don't have time for one more thing on your plate.
Right? I thought so.
But here is an idea that might just be filled with several divine inspirations that will make this special season of your life even better.
Why not start a Weekly Bible Study For Brides or Couples? A bible study can be done at home, church, a community center or even online.
You can visit your local bookstore or visit [http://www.
com] online and look for some books that would lend themselves to a great study or even create your own bible study.
If you want to create your own bible study, you can find great inspiration in the Bible.
Use the concordance and general index at the back of the Bible to research scriptures on topics such as: 1.
Love 2.
Marriage 3.
Weddings 4.
Celebration 5.
Commitment 6.
Faithfulness 7.
Family The themes of your study can be as multifaceted as the brides (or couples) in your class.
Let your own burning questions be the guide for designing a curriculum for your bible study.
By all means, take this idea of a bible study and tweak it to fit your circumstances.
This idea could be for engaged couples or even just a study for the guys, it does not have to be just for the ladies! It is completely up to you how you want to organize your group.
If you already have a group of engaged friends who want to form a class - great! However, if you don't...
you can create one! Ask a friend or church member to help you, if you want.
To get started with your bible study, post a notice in your church bulletin or in a community newsletter advertising your bible study.
Make up flyers and hand them out to other brides you know or happen to meet.
Ask your wedding vendors if you can leave a few copies of your flyer with them.
A weekly bible study can become a beautiful time of inspiration with opportunities galore that you may never have imagined possible.
I imagine the following scenario for you: Even though at first the idea of being involved in a bible study with brides or engaged couple's seemed impossible because your plate was already overflowing, as the weeks pass you cannot imagine missing a single week of your bible study with your new best friends! Abundant Blessings! Kathi Dameron Wedding Reception Teleseminars For Brides Learn How To Self-Cater or Semi-Cater Your Own Wedding Reception http://www.
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