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Teenagers and Drug Abuse

A person between the ages of 13 to 19 is called a teenager and a drug is such a substance that can change our normal body working if we have or take it.
There are two types of drugs- medical drugs and non-medical drugs.
Medical drugs or medicines are used to kill pains; get rid of cough; kill bacteria; cure diseases; reduce swelling or make a patient unconscious during the operation which are legal and prescribed ones by doctors.
On the contrary, non-medical narcotics are those which are taken for their non-medical effects on the mind and body.
Therefore, a drug here is an illegal substance for the physical and mental effects which is put inside the body by smoking, injecting or eating.
The effects of these drugs may include the stimulation or sedation (slow down) of the mind - a temporary boost to physical performance in sport, a feeling of emotional well being or in body building.
The misuse of the non medical drugs is called Drug Abuse which is illegal and can cause physical and mental harm.
Thus abuse of drug is non-medical use of legal or illegal drugs for physical or psychological reasons.
The person who takes the illegal drug is called a druggie.
Furthermore, when a druggie takes a narcotic, the feelings and mental state exposed by him/her are often very different to that person's actual normal life behavior.
Some of the illegal drugs are LSD, mescaline or Schedule I, amphetamines, cocaine, narcotics or schedule II, and heroin (hard drug).
Tobacco and alcohol are also non-medical drugs.
If a person starts taking these narcotics, s/he becomes a druggie and later a drug addict who cannot stop or give up using drugs.
Druggies or narcotic addicts are found all over the world.
Especially teen-agers soon get trapped in narcotic abuse.
This is due to their curiosity; feeling of being matured; inferiority; drug addict friends' company; busy parents; the lack of love; the lack of meeting their demands and pessimistic thoughts.
Likewise they become drug addicts due to the network of drug dealers.

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