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Hurricane Records in Error?

As meteorologist pour over the enormous amount of data collected during the lengthy and record breaking 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season they are finding errors.
The most recent error shows Tropical Storm Cindy, was a Hurricane when it hit shore, as its winds were over 75 mph.
This changes the number of Hurricanes from 14 to 15 for 2005.
Of course such things do not surprise us after we all survived the 2005 Hurricane season, yet it adds to these issues more questions such as how many of the Category IV Hurricanes of the past such as Emily were really Cat V Hurricanes, as one recent Think Tanker pointed out.
Indeed I have considered this before myself.
And to that point now that our sensors are better, it also opens the question how many hurricanes have had sustained winds higher than they were recorded in the past.
Hurricane Rita was interesting as at one point it had a low pressure, which would have corresponded to 184 mph instead of what it was labeled as.
So, when classifying which was the strongest gets a little difficult if you do not measure each Hurricane at all times.
We need to re-look at the abundance of data we have now in the present period and try to re-examine the data to help us understand what we are going to be up against in the upcoming 2006 Hurricane Season, as it is almost here and may come even sooner than expected, which is the current prediction.
Consider this in 2006.

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