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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Perfect Match

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge for a male that is unsure of what they should buy outside of the fact that they know how much they want to spend.
Budget matters aside, it should not be more challenging to find an engagement ring than it was to find your mate.
With this thought in mind, it may be helpful to narrow down what you are searching for before hitting the stores or browsing online because it will help you make a more informed and accurate decision that matches your future bride.
First of all, if you are thinking about a diamond you need to know how to judge the clarity, carat, cut, and colour of the diamond since each of these measures is instrumental in choosing a real diamond that is perfect for your loved one.
Each of these elements needs to be closely examined in order to ascertain that the diamond engagement ring is worth the price that is likely associated with it.
This thought can still be extended if your perfect match prefers a gemstone instead of a diamond.
In modern times, much more brides prefer gemstones because they feel that the choice is more personalized and individualistic.
If you are not sure what your loved one would prefer, you need to ask her personally or a close friend that may be able to offer you some insight.
Rubies, emeralds, and other gemstones such as birthstone engagement rings are quickly growing in popularity.
Along the same vein of thought, you also need to understand what type of metal your loved one would best enjoy.
The most common choices are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold engagement rings.
In general, you should be able to figure out this preference on your own by observing her personal sense of style when it comes to accessories.
Most females either enjoy silver or gold, thus in order to decide what the best choice for your future bride is take a close look at her jewelry box to determine which is the best match for them.
In particular take a look at their ring collection, both fashion and designer because the favored color should be evident.
If gold is their preference, yellow gold is obviously the best choice.
On the other hand, if silver is their favorite accent consider white gold for a traditional girl and platinum for a girl that prefers silver exclusively.
Finally, once you narrow down the metal and gem type, the last thing to consider is the type of cut that your bride will prefer.
The most traditional engagement ring cut is a princess cut, but a more individualistic girl will likely prefer an emerald cut or a sleeker cut.
Keep in mind also that if the female you are buying for is extremely active a princess cut may be too large to be practical in which case alternative cuts should be considered.

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