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Ballet Leotards Recently ballet has gone back to the basics.
Although some ballerinas may occasionally wear warm-ups, basic leotards and tights are becoming more popular in the dance studios.
If ballet students do wear any warm-ups, it is most likely warm-up shorts.
These shorts are great to keep the hip joints warm and make quite a fashion statement.
Not only are dancers wearing warm-up shorts in basic black, but colorful stripes have also become very popular.
Leotard Styles As far as leotards go, halters are the most popular and also the most flattering style.
Some halters have a hook and some tie around the neck while others have a basic neckline and some cross over or have a plunging neckline.
Ruching has become very popular on leotards as well.
This trend is very flattering for all different body types and even gives leotards a trendier look similar to what you see outside of the studio.
Crystals are also being seen more and more on leotards.
They are mostly placed on the straps or in a row right under the bust line.
The smallest amount of sparkle on a leotard can be the perfect way to jazz it up a little or make it look very classy.
Ballet Tights Cropped tights are by far the most popular style of tights among ballet dancers.
It is no longer common to see dancers with their tights all the way over their feet while in classes, but it is usually required for performances.
Convertible tights are also very popular because the dancers can wear them cropped during classes and can roll them down over their feet for performances.
Pointe Shoes Canvas split sole ballet shoes are the most popular, but it is difficult to notice trends in pointe shoes.
There has been a recent trend in gel toe pads which are worn with pointe shoes.
Ballerinas are looking for the most innovative ways to make pointe shoes as comfortable as possible, and lambs woolis just not cutting it anymore.
Gel pads give more cushion, mold to the feet better, and come in fun colors to give dancers a little bit of excitement when putting on their pointe shoes.

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