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How to Repair Experian Credit

    • 1). Order your Experian credit report. You can obtain the report at the Experian website, or by phone or mail. Note that under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), consumers can receive one free Experian credit report each year. Alternatively, you may order your free report from (see the Resources section).

    • 2). File a dispute at the Experian website by completing the online form (see the Resources section). Address all errors found on your report. You also can file a dispute over the phone or by mail. If you submit it through the mail, list the items that you're disputing, the reason for the dispute and all relevant supporting documentation.

    • 3). Allow up to 30 days for Experian to complete its investigation. The FCRA gives the bureau this much time to resolve the dispute and correct the report. You will receive your results by regular mail, if you submitted your dispute by phone or mail. If you submitted your dispute online, you will receive those results by email.

    • 4). Contact the creditor or supplier of the data, if the investigation results are not to your satisfaction. Experian can verify information only. If the error exists at the source, you will have to resolve the issue there.

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