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How to Judge a Cat Show

    • 1). Check the cat's coat. Make sure that it is well groomed and free of matted fur or heavy accumulation of oils. Look at the color and the markings to make sure they are within the guidelines for the breed. Check to see if the fur feels soft or is coarse to the touch. For long-haired cats, make sure that any trimming done to the cat's fur is even and neat. Look to make sure that the area below the base of the tail is clean.

    • 2). Inspect the physical makeup of the cat. Verify that it looks and feels healthy (such as not being too warm or too cool to the touch) with good muscle tone, Check that it appears to be the right size, weight and body style for the breed of cat that it is.

    • 3). Inspect the cat's head and eyes to make sure they clear and bright and are not seeping unnaturally (a small amount of seepage is expected in certain breeds, such as Siamese cats); the eyes should also match perfectly in color and be within the color guidelines for the specific breed.

    • 4). Make sure that the ears are alert, well placed and clean on the inside. Check the cat's nails to make sure they are neatly clipped and complete.

    • 5). Check the cat's agility. Pick the cat up and drop it on the table from a couple of feet up to make sure that it lands on its feet. Use a feather or other toy to catch the cat's attention. Watch how the cat reacts to the feather, making sure that its vision is not impaired and that there are no physical limitations. If the show has an agility drill area, watch the cat as it goes through the course to make sure that it is healthy and agile.

    • 6). Watch the cat's disposition. Make sure that it takes handling well and is generally quiet with limited meowing and no hissing (purring is optional).

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