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How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out - Read This and You"ll Become the Best Girl for Him

How many women do you know who tell you that they're nursing a broken heart all because they feel that the guy that they want is way, way out of their league? Yet this only becomes true if the woman truly believes, deep within her that the man will never notice her.
A dose of confidence.
This is all you need to be able to date the guy who you believe is out of your reach.
Everything is all in your mind.
So if you believe that you'll be able to win him, then you would.
If not, then he'll always remain out of reach.
You are your own special person.
Know that every person has his unique talents, assets and skills.
All that you have to do is to win the man with your uniqueness.
Know what makes you stand out from a crowd, what is it that makes you special? Once you recognize that, use it to win the man of your dreams.
Be the approachable type of girl.
This man has to see that people easily get comfortable around you.
Since he's an extremely self assured guy, the only type of girl who could make him take a second look is someone who is fun to be with and preferably popular.
Impress him and leave an indelible mark in his mind.
Always try to impress the man.
It's not just about looking pretty and being appealing anymore.
Let him realize that a great mind rests in that head of yours.
Talk to him and impress him with your views and ideals.
Allure him with your body language.
Feeling something for him means that you have to do something about it or you'd lose the guy.
And what could be more enticing than to flirt with him? Your body language would surely give him a hint that you're already starting to like him.
Your maturity will make him choose you.
Prove that you're now a woman through and through.
Any sign that would show him your childishness would only drive this man away.
So make sure that you behave in a manner that is befitting a woman of your age.
Just as you would any other man, you must pique his curiosity.
Let him see your best characteristics.
And just when this guy is starting to think that he's got you all figured out, that's the time that you should show him your enigmatic side.
Let the mystery baffle him and he'll surely run after you.

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