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If 90% of the Break Ups Can Be Saved - Why So Many People Fail to Get Their Ex Back - Top 3 Reasons

Many relationship experts say that 90% of the break ups can be saved.
If that is true, why do so many people fail to get their ex back? After researching on this topic for the past one year, I realized that there 3 main reasons.
1) Not Believing That It Is Possible Hope is extremely important no matter what you are trying to do in life.
Many people who have been through a break up don't believe that it is indeed possible to get back together with an ex.
Without any hope, you will not attempt to do anything since you will think there is no point anyway.
If you wish to save your relationship, never give up hope.
Do not underestimate the level of your influence.
Even if you are the only one trying to salvage the relationship, it can still be done.
2) Making All Kind of Mistakes Getting an ex back is possible but not easy.
Most men and women tend to make some of the most common break up mistakes that push their ex away from them forever.
This is understandable as people are usually most emotional and vulnerable just after a break up.
With an unstable emotional state, it is easy to make all kinds of mistake.
3) Not Having a Proven Plan that Works Getting an ex back is just like anything in life.
You need to follow a proven plan that works in order to successfully get your ex back.
Think of the projects you need to do at work.
Can you succeed if you don't have a plan? How about building a business? If you want to ensure your success of getting your ex back, make sure you have a sound plan of action.

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