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Bed and Breakfast Business Considerations

Although many bed and breakfasts have been firmly established in Europe for years, they were only introduced in the United States in the late 1960s. There are now hundreds of thousands of bed and breakfasts in the US, up from about just about 18,000 in 1979. A sign of this maturing industry is the increasing average number of rooms per property, occupancy rates, and state and federal associations.

What a bed and breakfast offers customers is a cozy place at typically the same or slightly lower cost as a comparable hotel. For travelers and tourists alike, the basic appeal of a bed and breakfast lies in its quiet, homey ambience, away from the sterilized atmosphere of hotels. Guests can expect to have a good night's sleep in a room designed much more like their own beloved bedrooms.

Starting a bed and breakfast requires thorough and careful planning, and many issues to consider. The bed and breakfast industry is a very personal, people-heavy one. The innkeeper spends a lot of time with guests tending to their every single need. The daily routine of a bed and breakfast innkeeper involves many tasks such as early rising, cooking, cleaning, laundry, check-ins, reservations, management, and many more.

Being an innkeeper also has its upsides. Meeting people from all over the world is much like being a traveler yourself. In addition, you can also help your guests with their travel and activity plans. Showcasing the home you have worked so hard to restore and maintain can be a great personal reward. Owners of Utah bed and breakfasts also have the freedom of not answering to anyone but to themselves and their guests.

Two things are vital to Utah bed and breakfasts to be a success—location and the number of rooms. Keep in mind that profitability is directly tied to occupancy rate. The more accessible the area is for vacationers, or the closer it is to an urban area frequented by travelers, the higher the chances of making money. Furthermore, bed and breakfasts with four or fewer guest rooms will have more time being profitable.

One should never overlook the business aspect of a bed and breakfast. Innkeepers should formulate a solid business plan for their Utah bed and breakfasts. This business plan is a comprehensive analysis of the details surrounding the creation or management of a bed and breakfast. It transforms ideas and concepts into a working operation.

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