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How to Make a Model of a Cell Nucleus

    • 1). Cut out a quarter section of the large polystyrene foam ball, using the serrated knife or saw, by making two cuts straight to the center of the ball at ninety degree angles to each other. Discard the small piece and use the large piece as your nucleus.

    • 2). Spray the inside cut portion of the ball the lighter color, and then spray the outside of the ball with the darker paint. Paint a quarter inch outside edge on the lighter cut inside portion of the large polystyrene foam ball, using the darker craft paint and paint brush. This edge represents the two layered nuclear membrane and should match the outside "membrane" of the ball (nucleus).

    • 3). Cut out a quarter piece section of the small polystyrene foam ball by making ninety degree cuts to the center of this ball as well. Dispose of the three-quarter piece of ball and spray the small quarter piece with the dark spray paint.

    • 4). Glue the quarter piece of small Styrofoam ball to the large polystyrene foam ball by matching up the outside right angle of the small ball to the inside right angle of the large ball. Press the two balls together tightly before the hot glue cools. The small ball is your nucleolus.

    • 5). Bend your colored pipe cleaners loosely into a cooked spaghetti shape. Shaping them around the nucleolus, press the pipe cleaners individually into the large polystyrene foam ball, forcing an indentation into the foam. Now add the hot glue and quickly press each pipe cleaner into its own slot. These are your chromosomes.

    • 6). Use the eraser side of your pencil to push dents into the outside of your large polystyrene foam ball. Do this all over the ball; these are your nuclear pores.

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