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Using Online Media For Your Auto Body Repair Business

Although the need for body repair shops probably arose weeks after Henry Ford produced his first automobile, technologies that support the auto body repair shop business, such as marketing and customer retention, have taken a back seat to those which are used directly for collision repair, such as paint and spray gun technologies, frame alignment, bonding systems and materials technologies.
But in a changing world, specially one dominated by information technologies, shop managers cannot ignore data-driven technologies that help auto body repair shop owners retain customers and develop new markets.
Statistics around the world support the fact that e-mail, text messaging, smartphones, location-based marketing, social media, and digital advertising are components that are essential to a modern marketing, communications and customer retention strategy.
You may think that text messaging or a fan page on Facebook are frivolous uses for the Internet, but savvy managers and marketers have in fact turned these platforms into business tools for reaching out to customers and analyzing trends.
For example, the explosion in the use of smartphones means that customers can be updated in real time as to the status of their vehicles under repair.
A shop can coordinate simultaneously with an insurance adjuster and a customer by emailing on data-enabled smartphones.
Or in the absence of email on a phone, even text messaging is enough to send a short message that can update customers and other interested parties as frequently as they want.
This platform can also be used to advertise promos, send thank you messages or reminders and receive customer feedback.
As far as social media like Facebook are concerned, a page can enable a business to capture customers, receive customer referrals, increase retention, generate web site traffic without having to set up a dedicated site, gather feedback and interact with customers.
Most, if not all, of the data a shop needs to establish an online rapport with customers is already in a database that has been compiled over the years.
All those invoices, repair bills, repair estimates and other forms need only be entered into a computer to become a valuable asset in managing the businesses' customers.
An auto body repair shop's online presence can be as pervasive or as simple as a shop owner wants.
What is apparent is that an auto body repair shop cannot ignore an online presence if it aims to be relevant in the mindspace of its target market.

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